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Faith In The Workplace

As faith in the workplace is a popular topic …Prime Minister Scott Morrison says his “faith is not about politics” however, debate over freedom of religious expression and the targeting of Australians creeps into the final week of the election campaign. 


I say the erosion of our FREEDOM OF RELIGION AND SPEECH is becoming more obvious with the inclusion of discriminating contracts that disallow reference to religious beliefs in the workplace.

Qantas and Myer being those who think they are protecting one sector of the public but at the same time discriminating against another. oh but is ok to tell us, who believe in Jesus “to go to hell” when it comes to their consideration in how we speak in the workplace. I was once told to leave my faith outside the workplace by my employer…

I responded by asking if he was firing me!

He said of course not, and could not see that “where I go goes my faith”. We are an outspoken bunch, but I agreed to not “speak” about my faith in the workplace however, everyone knew I was a Christian… not because of external symbols etc but because of my character, and maybe because I would pray for all the employees and do my daily praise walk through the building before work.

It was just one year later that my employer announced to me in the workplace that he had become a Christian and was about to be baptised that coming weekend. I think he realised that being a Christian was something to rave about!