Faith and Politics

Liberals believe in freedom of choice and a “fair go” for all. Only in a society where individuals are free to pursue their individual goals can tyranny be avoided. Only in a society where opportunity, initiative and personal responsibility are fostered can prosperity be attained. Freedom can only be

The issues of ‘gay pride’ and the LGBT ‘agenda’ have featured a lot in the news recently, whether through ITV ‘exposés’ on ‘conversion therapy’, the silencing of an ex-gay X Factor contestant, or news of parents fighting against schools promoting LGBT. But all of these stories have created a mixed response from Christians;

“Offence” shouldn’t make speech illegal… Tasmania is the most repressive Australian state in relation to freedom of speech, especially religious speech. Even private conversations that “offend” are illegal under Section 17.   Saying anything which may be interpreted as offending a person because of gender, sexual orientation or other

As faith in the workplace is a popular topic …Prime Minister Scott Morrison says his “faith is not about politics” however, debate over freedom of religious expression and the targeting of Australians creeps into the final week of the election campaign. I say the erosion of our FREEDOM OF

Moral High Ground or moral compass to do what is right.  What about the Christian view of politics?  What is a determining factor in voting for one leader or the other? Not the easiest to define… some might vote for the one with the best personality, the better looking

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