Catch that


Is your phone an idol?

I have always been opposed to restricting phone use as a punishment or a way of discipline for a family member…!!! And here’s why! Most people think Technology is neutral, but it’s not, it has value and presence like any other idol. Yes, we can learn from this. I do know the principle of God using every moment to lead us into living a transformed life.

yet…! Our phones are always with us… We meditate on them. We use them for social and emotional needs. We turn to them first when we need help or understanding. What does that sound like to you?

Catch that thought…
Well yes, we gave the value and presence to an inanimate object till it became something that replaced God in our lives.

Now we need to discipline ourselves like we do with all idols in our lives which may need some distancing but mostly learning what God intended for good.

Watch the video or listen to this podcast and bring your phone under control by learning self control.  Let God show us how to use the self discipline that He gave us to be more fruitful…

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