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My Vote My Responsibility

Moral High Ground or moral compass to do what is right.  What about the Christian view of politics?  What is a determining factor in voting for one leader or the other? Not the easiest to define… some might vote for the one with the best personality, the better looking leader, the best increase in Centrelink, the biggest tax cut, or even vote out of spite because of the spills and leadership changes.

But we need to see that the call of a Christian in terms of responsibility would be very different to what some would think especially on how we measure who we vote for. We are able to determine what a Government should look like. Scripture tells us at every turn through the Bible, from Solomon praying for wisdom instead of riches to for a discerning and understanding mind so that he might govern to the Sermon on the Mount to seek first the kingdom of God…, being able to discern good and evil, he says how else to govern this great people.

To govern the nation well he wanted to see clearly what was good and what was evil with clarity. Righteousness exalts a nation. It seems at the core is the moral compass to have the ability to discern right and wrong. Romans 13 tells us that this authority to govern this way comes from above.  

To govern well comes through His line of delegated authority which we are to submit to and pray for. This is a ministry; a service called by God and is equipped by God. To see with clarity the moral compass and what is right and wrong. These people have a high calling in God’s world and in God’s design for the world not just taking up the Moral High Ground. It is in the best interest to vote for the Government with a moral compass. God gives us the freedom to choose we must be able to discern clearly knowing that no one on earth is perfect but with hope that don’t loose sight of the purpose of those who Govern. 

Take up the responsibility to choose well, pray for and submit to those God has placed through us to Govern.