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Resolving Spiritual Conflicts

Knowing that I cannot repent, renounce, forsake, forgive or submit for someone else, I hope to point out how to recognise when these things are overlooked and what to do about it.

Fresh Start… what does that even mean? I think it means what many others have told me their experience has been. As varied at it maybe it reflects the kind of stripping back to the beginning and remembering your core identity is in in Jesus.  Since Jesus touches our lives in every sense of our being, this means different things to different people.  Many have lost their way by forgetting who they are and what it means to be Christian. Some become fearful and loose hope for the future. But beneath all of this is a real sense of responsibility to know who God really is and who we really are. Beginning with knowing who’s responsible for what.  I have heard people ask God in prayer to do things that He has clearly asked us to do. this shows up in a very tiny scripture where James 5 verse 13 says, “if anyone among you is suffering let them pray” …so in that this is the responsibility of the one who is suffering to pray, many questions come as a “how do I do that?” or what do I need to pray. I hope to respond to the most common reasons for overlooking this personal responsibility.

Some might say it’s easy, just do what is right. I can see how that would be ideal but if what is right was so obvious then there would be no conflict.  First let me point out that conflict for a Christian is the difference between what is believed and what the Word of God say about the subject. The subject could be personal or spiritual, so we would be looking at resolving personal and spiritual conflict. In the next blog I will look at both these subjects, identify the difference and how being in conflict depicts the way we behave.